Best 2.1 Speakers under 5000 in India 2022

Music is a part of life, music is everywhere, for all the music lovers and listeners we came with this article where we mention a list of best 2.1 speakers under 5000 in India.

In this covid times people are not able to enjoy the movies, songs in theatres, so to recreate that same experience and thrill in your room we listing some top quality speakers available in market.

The best part is All the products are chosen come under 5000 rupees with lots of advanced features. In this Budget You can enjoy Cinematic sound expertise, watching movies or listening music.

Best 2.1 Speakers under 5000 in India

All the products having both wired and Wireless connectivity so you can connect through USB or add SD card or else via Bluetooth you can easily connect it with your smartphones, tablets, laptops, pc and other devices.

We described the product detailed review, all pros and cons and brief description by taking all possible customer feedback. After seeing this you can easily understood which product you have to go for and also at the and we have given the buying guide for the fresher who buy it for the first time, which can really help you all. The items are listed below –

Best 2.1 Home Theater under 5000 in 2022

LG LK72B Boom Blastic 40 (2.1 USB Multimedia Speaker)

Technical Details

Item Weight : 2 kg 400
CONNECTIVITY: ‎ Micro USB, SD card, Bluetooth connectivity
WARRANTY: 1-year warranty


  • Audio Streaming via Bluetooth is available
  • auto power down feature for save energy
  • Deep powerful bass
  • Easily portable


  • only bass is good, sound is not so clear

Brief about the speaker

This is one of the best 2.1 speakers under 5000 from LG. LG is one of the renowned and branded company in electronics industry like TV, Home Theatre, mobile etc. The LG LK72B 2.1 Boom Blastic multimedia speaker is one the best product produced by LG.  

It comes with well-made attractive design and take very little space so it can be easily mountable to wall or portable to anywhere.

Its having a deeper bass with Bass Blast+ technology and giving a total output power of 40W. LG LK72B provides an additional feature of Auto power down which will save power and energy.

With the specially designed remote control you can easily control the audio and bass. FM radio station also available.

The LG LK72B support connectivity of USB, SD Card, AUX etc. You can connect the speaker through your pc, laptop, phone.

The latest version provides Bluetooth connectivity by which you can easily connect with speaker and share files.

F&D F550X (2.1 Wireless Bluetooth Multimedia Speaker)

Technical Details

MODEL: F&D (F550X)
Item Weight – 4.7 kg
CONNECTIVITY: USB, Bluetooth, NFC, RCA to AUX connectivity
WARRANTY: 1-year warranty


  • Clear audio sound and powerful Bass
  • Great design, Multi color LED
  • High Density MDF Subwoofer


  • According to some user’s review it has average sound quality

Brief about the speaker

Under 5000 range F&D will provides latest features and performance in 2.1 home theatre. The F&D F550X is popular for his great design and X shape looking. It comes with 5 different multi colors LED light in X design which glows one by one which makes it unique and stylish from others.

Its provides a Frequency Response between 30Hz- 20kHz and subwoofer provides 30Hz-110Hz range, which makes the sound and bass very powerful. Both speakers given an output of total 28 watts. You can easily increase the Bass level by using Bass control knob or remote control.

It offers both wired and wireless connectivity options. The F&D F550X is compatible with all Desktop, Laptop, Mobile, Tablets, and LEDs etc.  In wireless you will get Bluetooth with NFC technology and FM Radio. Except these its having a USB/SD reader and 3.5mm Aux Cable connectivity.

Philips Audio MMS2625B (2.1 Bluetooth Multimedia Speakers)

MODEL: Philips (MMS2625B)
Item Weight – 2.6kg
CONNECTIVITY: Wireless, AUX Bluetooth connectivity
WARRANTY: 1-year warranty


  • AUX connection available for connecting electronic device
  • Clear sound and Powerful bass
  • Stylish look


  • Remote is not good enough

Brief about the speaker

Philips is one of the branded company in the Electronics industry. Philips Audio MMS2625B is a Wireless Bluetooth speaker which can be used for Music Players, DVD Players, Smartphones and Tablets. It is a perfect audio player for MP3, PC, TV & more.

The MMS2625B provides sleek design stylish subwoofer with a comprehensive digital display running across the cabinet like a band.

It provides clear sound quality along with a impactful deep bass which is a positive site for every music lover. Additionally, FM tuner also added for radio enjoyment. A total output power given of 32W.

You can enjoy unlimited Wireless music streaming via Bluetooth. By using AUX- connection you connect through almost any electronic device. With USB drives it can able to connect through TV, PC and more.

This is one of the Best 2.1 home theater system for TV. If you are thinking for attachment with TV then you can consider this.

F&D F210X 15 Watt (2.1 Wireless Bluetooth Multimedia Speaker)

Technical Details

MODEL: F&D (F210X)
Item Weight – 3.2 kg
CONNECTIVITY: USB, AUX, RCA, Bluetooth connectivity
WARRANTY: 1-year warranty


  • attractive design and looks and portable not acquire much space
  • Wired & Bluetooth both connection available
  • Remote is very nice and responsive


  • Sub-woofer is too small
  • Sound is not crystal clear and bass also average

Brief about the speaker

F&D F210X is one of the cheapest product in the 2.1 Bluetooth speaker category that’s provides you all the advance features. Its having 2.5 inches’ full range driver for satellites and 4 inches’ bass driver for subwoofer which makes the bass deeper and powerful.

The Frequency Response of F&D F210X is between 130 – 20 kHZ (satellite) and subwoofer Response 30 – 130Hz. It generates a total Output Power (RMS) of 20-21 W. Fluorescence full function remote control is also available by which you can easily control bass.

F&D F210X provides Bluetooth 4.0 version for audio streaming that has a range of 15 meters. It gives various option via Bluetooth 4.0, USB, FM and AUX cable where You can play music. It also offers inbuilt USB reader & FM radio tuner and Memory Card Slot also available, which makes it completely worth buying.


MODEL: IBall Tarang Classic
Item Weight – 3.5 kg
CONNECTIVITY: USB, SD card, AUX, Bluetooth connectivity
WARRANTY: 1-year warranty


  • Comes with Wood case and extra-ordinary pure Sound quality
  • Deep powerful Bass & Treble is great
  • radio is fast and good connectivity
  • control on remote which is very convenient


  • SD card is not standard

Brief about the speaker

IBALL TARANG CLASSIC comes with a Dynamic 2.1 subwoofer system and it fully covers with a wood case which makes the sound more natural and pure and the bass level is deep and high. It provides a total power 40 W RMS.

The Frequency Response of IBALL TARANG CLASSIC is vary between 55 Hz ~ 20 kHz. It comes with a Remote control by using you control the volume. ‎After purchasing You will get 2 N Satellite Speakers, 1N Woofer, 1 N Remote control, 1 N User Manual, 1 N Audio Cable.

It has multiple connectivity options such as USB, SD card, AUX, Bluetooth, etc. play it anyway as your wish. It’s a well-balanced audio output speaker, body of satellite and subwoofer is made up of wood and comes with 1-year warranty.

Philips Audio IN-MMS6080B/94  (2.1 Speakers)

Technical Details

MODEL:  Philips (Blue Thunder)
Item Weight – 7 kg
CONNECTIVITY: USB, AUX, MMC, FM, and Bluetooth connectivity
WARRANTY: 1-year warranty


  • Stylish and Well-made design
  • Multiple source inputs available
  • Powerful bass and Remote for bass control


  • Remote performance is poor
  • Treble could have been better

Brief about the speaker

Another great speaker Philips Audio IN-MMS6080B/94   comes in black colour Robust and durable built quality with an elegant matte finish makes it very stylish and cool.

The Speaker having a bass-reflex design with a 26W and 5.25-inch woofer and 3-inch full-range speakers for ultimate bass experience.

Its having a Frequency Response between 40 Hz – 20 kHz, Satellite Output of 15*2 Watt and Subwoofer of 30 Watt. Providing a total power of 60 Watt.

The Item is little bit heavy but easy to set up and use. You can control all sound by using the remote control that comes along with it.

These Speakers are compatible with Computers, Gaming Consoles, Television, Smartphones or Tablets, DVD Players etc.  By using Bluetooth connectivity, you can connect your phones and tablets.

With an Aux connection its easy to insert USB drives and other drives into the speaker to play songs.

JBL Infinity Hardrock 210  (2.1 Multimedia Speaker)

MODEL: Infinity Hard Rock
Item Weight – 705 g
TOTAL OUTPUT: ‎100 Watts
CONNECTIVITY: USB, Bluetooth connectivity
WARRANTY: 1-year warranty


  • Crystal clear sound with deep bass
  • 3 Equaliser Modes available
  • Robust build quality, very lightweight


  • Price is little high

Brief about the speaker

JBL is always known for his pure quality sound and powerful bass. JBL Infinity Hardrock will not disappointed you in case of sound and features.

The speakers come with a big wooden cabinet subwoofer that’s provide top-quality powerful thumping bass. It will provide a frequency range between 50/60Hz.  3.5″ Full range driver available for satellites and 6.5 Bass driver for subwoofer.

 JBL Infinity Hardrock provides 3 equalizer modes as an extra feature, it will enhance the user experience for movies, music & gaming.

At the peak the speaker is capable of providing a sound output up to100 W and normally providing 50W.

Its having wireless connectivity, via Bluetooth streaming you can easily connect with your phones, tablets, laptops, and other devices. Along with also you can connect your hard disk and USB drives to play music, movies or play games.

F&D A521X 52 (2.1 Wireless Bluetooth)

MODEL: F&D (A521X)
Item Weight – 4.8kg
CONNECTIVITY: USB drives, RCA , AUX, Bluetooth connectivity
WARRANTY: 1-year warranty


  • Excellent Sound Clarity with Heart thumping bass
  • Multiple input modes including Aux, Bluetooth, USB and FM.
  • MDF wood cabinets


  • No Equalizer settings available
  • Short cables for satellite speakers

Brief about the speaker

When it comes to best 2.1 speakers under 5000 F&D is a renowned name and this is the 2nd product in our list of this company. F&D A521X Multimedia Bluetooth Speaker is come under an affordable budget with lots of features.  A solid well-made design with an elegant black subwoofer.

The F&D A521X having a frequency response between 120 – 20KHz and subwoofer response 20 – 120Hz. It generates a total power output of 52W. It provides 4″ full range driver for satellites and 6.5″ bass driver for subwoofer. High efficient energy saving design and fluorescence full function remote control is also present.

The A521X support both wired and wireless connectivity.  Via Bluetooth you can connect it with your phones, tablets, laptops, and other devices. It also supports FM Radio and USB. Without any hassle Play your desired song and FM station directly by numeric keys through remote.

Philips Audio MMS2550B/94 (Wireless Bluetooth Speaker)

MODEL: ‎ Philips MMS2550B/94
Item Weight – 4.6 kg
CONNECTIVITY: USB, SD card, RCA, AUX, Bluetooth connectivity
WARRANTY: 1-year warranty


  • Clear and pure sound
  • Bluetooth connectivity is good


  • Remote range and quality is not so good
  • Sound quality is low

Brief about the speaker

The Philips MMs-2550F/94 is comes with a great design and awesome looks. The product is little bit heavy and taking more space than other 2.1 speakers. But this not effect at all to the sound and bass. The Wooden outfit housing is enhancing the quality of sound and the reflex speakers deliver deep and powerful bass.

Philips is a well-known brand and decent quality of sound not load and heavy. It will provide a Frequency Response between 40Hz- 20kHz and given a total output of 21 W. As a special feature it provides Built-in Microphone.

The Philips MMs-2550F/94 supports both wired and wireless connectivity. you can connect your mobile, tablets, laptops, and other devices via Bluetooth. It is fully suitable for Smartphones or Tablets, DVD Players, Music Players. It also supports USB, SD Card support, RCA input. With Wireless remote you can control the sound and bass.

F&D F380X  (2.1 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker)

Item Weight – 4.8 kg
CONNECTIVITY: USB, SD card, Bluetooth connectivity
WARRANTY: 1-year warranty


  • Very smooth sound Quality
  • Perfect bass with sound clarity at high volume
  • FM Radio are excellent
  • Bluetooth 4.0 version supported


  • Bluetooth range is not quite adequate

Brief about the speaker

This is the 3rd product of F&D brand in the list of 2.1 Bluetooth Speakers under 5000. The product comes with a n Amazing sound quality and unmatched enjoyment having 5.25 bass driver for sub-woofer. The premium attractive matte black finish makes it extra ordinary. The company provides 3″ full range driver Subwoofer of 5.25″ bass driver.

The satellites give a maximum output of 26 watts and the subwoofer gives a powerful bass of up to 28 watts. Satellite having a Frequency response between 110Hz~20kHz and the Subwoofer Frequency response is between 30Hz~90Hz. The product is Best suitable for the high packed living room. The product not giving any sound distortion at high volume.

It comes with a fully functional remote for controlling and adjust the volume, bass, treble. It fully supports Bluetooth 4.0 version and supporting NFC function. By using Bluetooth, USB/card reader, AUX, and also 3.5 mm audio jack you can easily Plug & play songs, movies, games etc.

This is the last but not the list of our list of best 2.1 speakers under 5000.

Buying Guide On Best 2.1 Speakers under 5000

If you are a new-born to speaker than we discussed some of the key points that you should follow before buying a Home Theatre. There are some Key factors like –

The set up – According to your room condition and set up box you have to a home theatre size, if you want a ease of set up than go for home-theatre-in-a-box. It will come with the device itself so that you do not have to buy anything separately. Some product also having the portability of wall-mount, so those can be effective for you.

Connectivity – Look for and system that will provide both the wired and wireless option and having variety of connecting media like Bluetooth, AUX, USB, SD cards and RCA inputs. A good product should have option to connect your room TV, pc, laptops or even with your mobile.

Room-size –  Room size will play a key role to choose your Speaker. If your room has a bigger interface or huge hall and you need Bigger size of speaker with high power output like JBL Infinity Hardrock or IBALL classic speaker. On the other hand, if your room is small and packed than you need a light weight, smooth sound system that not take much space and fit on your desk.

Subwoofers and Audio – In a 2.1 home theatre subwoofers plays an important role in audio. If you need high powerful bass than you have to choose a good frequency high hoofer and Wooden outfit would be perfect.

Conclusion: Best 2.1 Home Theater under 5000 in 2022

I hope that you like our list of best 2.1 speakers under 5000 in India 2022. You can choose any of the product from the above list, each of them are quality products. You can share your feedback to us. For more visit our Homepage. Best of luck.

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