Boat Bassheads 220 vs 225 – Check Which One Is Best

Are you looking for a comparison between Boat Bassheads 220 vs 225? And want to know which earphone is best for you? Then you are at correct place. We have reviewed each product separately.

Also, we shared the comparison between Boat Bassheads 220 and 225 Earphones and at last we shared which one will be best for you. So, read the complete article to know everything in detail.

In this new Era of wired earphones, customers are slowly moving to exclusive bassheads, neckbands, and Bluetooth earphones.

Boat Bassheads 220 vs 225

boat bassheads 220 vs 225 comparison

Suppose you want pure and fresh quality audio with a branded quality smartphone.

In that case, you should try some good products instead of going for cheap products. The products that maintain a good brand value, immersive sound quality, and at the same time, perfectly fit your budget. That is why we listed the two best quality earphones from BOAT.

All the boat earphones are coming out with great customer reviews and feedback. Mostly bassheads 220 and 225 are very famous in the low price range. It comes at a reasonable price that suits your personality and smartphone. 

Boat Bassheads 220 Earphone Review

Boat Bassheads 220 wired headphones can give you an encounter that no other brand can coordinate. Cleaned metal to match your style.

Experience fantastic sound quality with compelling bass. Tangle free long wire easy to  carry. The headphones include 10mm drivers, and they give you a clear sound with pounding bass.

Its in-assembled sound blocking mic guarantees that you miss no significant calls.

With colors that match your style in your day, the boAt headphones are the ideal decision for anybody who can convey that attitude. Plug them in and remain tuned to pay attention to your #1 tracks with clearness.

Technical Features

Headphone Type: In-Ear
Driver Size: 10 mm
Impedance: 16Ω
Sensitivity (dB):  92db ±3db
Frequency Response: 20Hz-20KHz
Noise Isolation: Passive
Rated Power: 2mW
Cable Length:  Tangle- Free Flat Cable
Compatibility: any 3.5mm jack


  • Super Extra Bass.
  • Polished Metal.
  • Premium built quality for longevity.
  • Hands-free communication with in-built microphone.


  • Passive noise cancellation available.

Brief about the product

Accessible in attractive colors like red, blue, yellow, green, black, etc., the boat BassHeads 220 Wired Earphones come with an in-built mic and are versatile. The material used in this product is premium and clean, which guarantees its long-lasting durability.

Boat 220 are innovatively designed, pure sound quality, lightweight (50 grams), comfortable in-ear with strong 10mm drivers for sonic clarity, bass-driven sound system sound, and a significant weakening of surrounding commotion.

The passive noise cancellation feature removes the surrounding noise, so you can easily pay attention to your music in a chaotic and noisy environment- this includes an additional easy-to-attend call feature so users can receive calls in one go.

It gives hands-free communication with an inbuilt mic system. Communicate flawlessly with the built-in mic with high frequency and an adaptable recurrence reach to provide a superior experience.

Here you get 1 year warranty from the day of purchase. This is same for both the earphones.

Boat bassheads 225 Earphone Review

Boat Bass Heads 225 cleaned metal headphones are intended to give you an experience that no other brand can coordinate. It has an incredible sonic clear sound with “very additional bass”.

With tangle-free solid cables, you are going to get hassle-free. The wired earphones include 10mm drivers, and they give you a clear sound with that pounding bass.

Its high-quality in-built mic guarantees that you won’t miss those important calls. With colors that match your style in your day, these headphones are the ideal decision for any individual who can convey that attitude and mentality. It characterize your style with your preferred shade.

Technical Details

Headphone Type: In-Ear
Driver Size: 10 mm
Impedance: 16Ω
Sensitivity (dB): 92db ±3db
Frequency Response: 20Hz-20KHz
Noise Isolation: Passive
Rated Power: 2mW
Cable Length:  Tangle- Free Flat Cable
Compatibility: All 3.5mm Jack Device


  • Better Sound quality than its competitors
  • Great Built quality with metal finish.
  • Better Noise cancellation than its rivals
  • Bass is just awesome 
  • Better pricing of all.


  • Earphones are a little heavy

Brief about the product

These headphones are available in attractive colors like red, blue, yellow, green, black, etc.

The boAt BassHeads 225 is the best-wired headphones in a very low price range. It is durable and effectively versatile.

The material used to make these headphones is a cleaned metal that guarantees its life span.

The Boat basshead 225 is innovatively designed. It provides easy adjustment and comfortable wearing with powerful 10mm drivers for natural sound clarity with strong 10mm drivers for sonic lucidity, bass-driven sound system sound, and great constriction of surrounding surroundings commotion.

Easy to use hands-free set for getting calls, attending meetings, or listening to music. Softly padded cotton in ear pads makes it smooth and comfortable, and tangle-free wire makes it easy for carrying and long-time wear.

The cleaned metal guarantees its life span. The knot-free link is lightweight and highlights easy-to-use controls for simple working, compatible with all gadgets having a 3.5mm jack. 1-year guarantee from the date of purchasing.

Comparison Between Boat bassheads 220 and 225

So what is the contrast between boat bassheads 225 and boat bassheads 220? If you compare, there is not much difference between these two similar earphones.

Presumably, boat bassheads 225 is an extraordinary version. It sounds and feels something similar.

Boat bassheads 220 are more lightweight and hawk-inspiring designs. Both these earphones have sharp and polished metallic designs.

While the boat bassheads 225 is a more kind of metallic design. Because of the metal and plastic head structure, it makes the wire ten times stronger. 

In terms of sound, both of the boat bassheads 220 vs 225 earphones have an excellent quality of sound quality with a balanced equation between bass and other sound frequencies. Boat 225 is the latest one, so little high bass you can expect than 220. Both are very comfortable to ear and cost-effective. 

Boat bassheads 220 provides natural sound quality by clearly separating the mids and lows with super convenient and quality bass. But between boat bassheads 220 Vs 225, boat bassheads 225 gives more of an output of punchy deep bass.

All the boat products provide good mantellic-built tangled wires. Boat bassheads 220 provides a flat, tangle-free, metallic cable. Same as here boat has come up with these latest untangling wire set earphones.

So comparing all the above points, it feels similar vibes between these two products. They don’t have much difference except bass and noise cancellation.

In my suggestion, I would likely purchase the boat bassheads 225 more than 220. But if you need natural sound quality and a clear mic then go for bassheads 220.

Is 220 or 225 boAt better?

Both 220 and 225 offer similar highlights like design, build material, and features quality. Boat 225 has a superior sound quality. So, if you are a bass lover then Boat Basshead 225 is for you. And if you are a ordinary audience who need decent sound with good clarification then Boat Basshead 220 is for you.

What is unique about boat earphones?

Nowadays, BOAT is the most popular brand when it’s come to the headphone. The reason why people choose BOAT over other headphones are- 


Better quality Drivers: The driver is the thing in the earphone that produces the sound—drivers most parts are made of a magnet, voice coil, and a diaphragm. It’s unnecessary, but the bigger the driver, better the sound. Always better to go for better and larger drivers. 


BOAT provides high sensitivity. IF you want pure and natural clear music quality, this is the thing you want to search for in your earphone’s details.

The sensitivity indicates how your earphone can get sound at a high volume. Most earphones are at around 110 dB/mW.

It would be best to stay away from anything lower than 85 dB/mW. It also refers to whether sound gets distracted in high volume or not. 

Design and Comfort

BOAT is a perfect combination of style and comfort. Attempt and check on the off chance that the earphone is agreeable for your ears.

BOAT built their product in a way that suits all types of human ears. For in-ears, attempt a more modest earbud size, which can fit in and doesn’t sneak off without any problem. 


BOAT provides High impedance. Most cell phones have sufficient ability to convey the anticipated capacity to the earphones.

However, those requiring lower impedance can use their full power to give incredible sound. For the most part, 16 Ohms is a decent impedance number for earphones.

Frequency Response

Do you like music with bass? Frequency Response is a range of frequency one earphone can create, where the lower limit is the bass sound, and the high limit is for high pitch.

BOAT earphones support 20 Hz – 20000 Hz recurrence reaction. If you like more bass, choose something that can be more extensive than having a higher frequency range.

If you want to look more overview on the comparison then you can look on Quora: Which is the best choice between boat 225 and 220?


Is boAt BassHeads 220 waterproof?

No, it is not waterproof.

Is boAt BassHeads 225 noise Cancelling?

Yes Boat Basshead 225 comes with noise cancellation feature.


Try not to Get confused between boat bassheads 220 and 225. In flipkart you will get Boat Bassheads 220, and in amazon you will find Boat Bassheads 225 in online. Even though their highlights are similar, boat bassheads 225 has a player and punchy bass nature of sound.

Both 220 and 225 offer similar highlights like design, build material, and features quality. Something that they don’t share is cost and sound quality. Boat 225 has a superior sound quality; these headphones give the client a punchy profound bass sound quality. If you are a bass lover, you likely should go with boat bassheads 225, which offers excellent bass and can satisfy your strive after bass. 

It likewise relied upon what kind of audience you are and the spending plan you have. If you are an ordinary audience, I propose you purchase boat bassheads 220 since it provides good sound clarification and comes at a low cost.

Hope you liked our comparison post of boat bassheads 220 vs 225. For more such posts visit the homepage of techymount. Thank You.

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